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From: The Desk Of Tim SalesLocation: Clearwater, FLDate: Saturday April 20th 2019

Dear customer,

If you’ve been struggling to sponsor people into your network marketing business and it seems like you’re getting nowhere. If you’re getting burned out on calling leads, that have no interest in your business… then you’re on the right page.

If you feel like you’re wasting your money and time on calling leads… than keep reading. What I’m about to share with you is something that can dramatically boost your network marketing career. Before we go into the details of how I can help you.

First we need to look at…

“The Real Reason 95% of All Network Marketers Get Frustrated, Have No Results, and Quit This Business”

This has nothing to do with “working the numbers”, having  charisma, or some secret sponsoring formula… not at all.

Hi, my name is Tim Sales.

From the very moment you meet a prospect for the first time, whether over the phone or in person, proper communication will make or break whatever relationship you hope to create.

Say the wrong thing or say the right thing in the wrong way, and you can kiss that relationship goodbye or prevent it from ever growing into a financially rewarding experience.

You’ll continue to “hobble along” while earning just a fraction of what you’re capable of and wondering what the “big secret” is that the Top Income Earners have and you don’t.

Fortunately, you don’t need to tote around an interpreter to get your message across. What you do want is a proven system that can show you how to communicate effectively, so you can recruit more people into your network marketing business and develop long lasting relationships with amazing people.

The first step to building your network marketing business, begins with talking to people about it. These are known as leads. Do this the wrong way and you’ll stay frustrated and burned out on building your business.

Do this the right way and it’s like dialing in the perfect combination to the vault. Your network marketing business will start growing faster than you ever thought possible.

In order for this to happen, you want to have a system for working your leads. I’ll reveal more on this system for you in just a couple minutes… you’re going to love it!

I think that what Tim is doing in the MLM Training Arena is EXTRAORDINARY! As a Retired USAF member, I appreciate his focus and dedication in training others! Because of his efforts, I feel more confident than ever that I have chosen the right profession for my family’s future, My Team Motto is ” If You Ain’t Training……You Ain’t Gaining!!! Tim obviously agrees with that mantra!

– Keith Wallin

I am so thankful for Tim’s training. I am new to MLM, have had attitudes about it in the past, but now am very excited about the possibilities of reaching out to so many people. I am a chiropractor and naturopath, and love my clinical work, but have realized that I wish to extend my circle of influence as well as achieve more financial and personal freedom. I plan to now attain that with my MLM business along with maintaining my clinical work, which I do love. Thank you for your extraordinary work in this field, Tim, and your willingness to help all of us be in greater service to all.

– Patricia Lawler

“Where This System Came from and How It Was Developed”

Tim Sales

Founder – First Class MLM Tools

Over the last 26 years I’ve been consistently working to take what I’ve learned in the field and share it with other network marketing professionals. Not hype or theory, but “real world field experience”.

I know what works and what it takes to grow a large and successful network marketing business and I’m here to share with you the latest information on how to effectively work your leads.

This system for working your leads will transform your network marketing business. Because of the scope of this project, I wanted someone that knew this information inside and out.

Kristyn Bore

Network Marketing Veteran

This person was Kristyn Bore. Kristyn has been with me for me 16 years and I’m very grateful for all her wonderful service to our company and all of our customers.

Kristyn is a true network marketing professional and I’m excited to have her with me on this project.

Kristyn and I will be taking you through my new, how to work leads system. Teaming up with Kristyn on this project has allowed us to bring you an expansion of my concepts, strategies and ideas.

You’re going to love learning from Kristyn! We’re excited to bring you our latest training system.

“This Transforms The Way You Work Leads And Grows Your Network Marketing Business Faster Than Ever Before”

In order for you to become a master at working your leads and recruiting more people into your network marketing business, there are certain skill sets that you want to develop and get really good at.

We’ve broken these down into easy to consume modules. You can now take in the information on a specific skill set and start to apply it right away. Just imagine immediate results  after listening to and applying Module #1… and then again with each new module.

Picture what your business is going to look like once you’ve started using this proven system for working your leads.

Let me walk you through these ten modules, you’re going to love it!

It all starts with this first module.

Introducing The Brand New “How To Work Leads” Training Course!

Module #1

The Foundation for Creating Massive Success in Working Leads

In this first module we’ll lay the foundation for what it takes to work leads the right way. You’ll discover:

  • The 3 things you must know in order to effectively work your leads and make more money in your network marketing business.
  • The #1 skill you must develop to grow your business… without it you’re dead in the water.
  • What the true value of a lead is worth, and it’s not what you might be thinking.
  • mail-forwardHow to dramatically cut the cost of your leads, so purchasing them is never an issue again.
  • mail-forwardThe simple system for contacting your warm market leads, so you never damage your relationships again.
  • mail-forwardWhat it’s really costing you to not become a master at working your leads, and how you can change this to become one of the top recruiters in your network marketing business.

Module #2

The Three Type of Leads and Why You Must Work Them all to Have Massive Success in Your Network Marketing Business

In this second module we’ll look at the three types of leads. We’ll cover things like:

  • The ladder method for working your leads so that you can maximize your recruiting activity and make more money.
  • The #1 rule for top income network marketing professionals and how you can use it to skyrocket your business – quickly!
  • How to use my “cash flow cycle” method for having a never-ending supply of leads to contact.

Module #3

My Proven and Time-Tested Methods for Working Your Leads Like a Network Marketing Professional

In this third module I want to share with you how to work your leads like a pro. This is where we start to dive deep into working your leads. You’ll learn:

  • The main reason most network marketer’s businesses don’t grow, and how you can accelerate right past them with this one key factor.
  • How to effectively generate warm market leads and tap into a goldmine that is waiting for you.
  • How to determine what your prospects are really saying “no” to so that you can handle that objection correctly and move that person to action.
  • How to start generating your own leads so that you <strong>never run out of people to talk with</strong> about your business.
  • What to say when leaving a voice mail message that almost guarantees they’ll call you back.
  • Why your leads are not joining your business and how you can change that with this one simple little strategy.
  • How to master the mental game of prospecting so that you have the confidence to talk with anyone about your network marketing business.

Module #4

Timing: How to Use It to Your Advantage and Increase Your Conversion Rate

In the fourth module we’ll look at an area that not everyone is talking about, timing. Here we’ll cover things like:

  • When is the best time to make your first contact with your lead? Knowing this and how to take action will increase the likelihood of you closing them to action, right away!
  • The best time to make your calls, so that you make more “connects” with your leads.
  • The key to connecting with “real time leads”, so that you standout from everyone else in your prospects eyes.
  • Why you must be first when calling your leads. Knowing this and what to say allows you to become the authority in your prospect eyes.

Module #5

My Top Communication Strategies That Get You Results!

In module five, it’s all about “what you say”. I’ll be sharing with you my top communication strategies and how you use them. Things like:

  • What to say when calling your lead so that you instantly connect with that person.
  • Knowing your outcome before you enter the call. Having this plan allows you to most effectively serve your prospect for their best interest.
  • The system for moving your lead through the call so that they feel comfortable with you and the process.
  • The reason the majority of your prospects are saying NO to your network marketing business and how you can solve this problem right away.
  • How to crush 90% of the objections you get when talking with your leads using this one simple method.
  • Becoming the authority in your leads eyes so that you develop trust and start building that relationship with them.
  • My six-step inviting formula that allows you to instantly connect with your lead and removes the fear of starting the conversation.
  • Why your prospects are not showing up for your appointments and what you can do in order to increase the show up rate.
  • The specific words NOT TO USE when calling your leads. Knowing these words will bump your conversions and keep the lead engaged with you during the call.
  • Listen in on our LIVE CALL examples so you’ll know what to say to your leads that keep them focused on the conversation.
  • My personal script that I’ve developed that gets results! Now, you’ll have access to it so you can start recruiting more people into your network marketing business.
  • My time-tested and proven call strategy for <strong>getting past the gate keeper</strong> so you can talk to the person you’re contacting.
  • How to effectively qualify your leads so that you invest more time talking with people more likely to join your network marketing business.
  • The secret to getting (and keeping) your prospects attention so that you speed up the relationship building process.
  • My Trademark Method, that sets you apart from every other network marketer. Using this method helps you recruit more people – FAST!
  • How to correctly follow up with your leads so that you’re always moving them to action.
  • Knowing when to advance the conversation and what to say in order to make that happen.
  • The #1 reason most network marketers continue to chase their leads, and how to stop that and become the authority on the call (regardless of your age).
  • What your focus should be on when you first pick up the phone. You just might be surprised at the answer!

Module #6

Communication Qualities for Success in Working Your Leads!

Becoming a great communicator is the first part to being able to recruit more people. In this module we’ll get into:

  • How to become a great communicator and start recruiting more people into your network marketing business.
  • My proven method for getting over phone fear or call reluctance and how you can use it right away to have massive success on the phone with your leads.
  • The qualities of a great communicator and how you can use these to have more effective conversations with your leads.
  • The #1 communication quality you MUST HAVE in order to close your leads to action so that you can start recruiting more people faster than ever before.
  • How to communicate with your warm market about your network marketing business so that you don’t damage your relationship with them.

Module #7

How To Handle And Resolve Common Objections When Working Your Leads

In this module we’ll look at how to resolve common objections that your lead has. We’ll cover things like:

  • The scripts I use for handling objections and how you can use these when recruiting people into your network marketing business.
  • The 3 main reasons your leads are saying they “don’t have the money”, and how to overcome this objection.
  • The specific questions you want to ask your lead, that moves them into action and speeds up the recruiting process.

Module #8

The Ultimate Lead Conversion Process

You’re going to love this module. In it we’ll cover the following processes I use for converting leads:

  • The conversion funnel for working your leads and how to set this up for your network marketing business.
  • The conversion funnel for working your leads and how to set this up for your network marketing business.
  • How the numbers play out in your conversion funnel. I’ll share with you my funnel conversion stats, so you’ll know how many calls, presentations, appointments and follow ups it takes to sponsor leads.
  • The 3rd party tool that increase conversions for you. Using this will dramatically increase the rate YOU bring people into your network marketing business.

Module #9

The Follow-up Formula to Working Your Leads

In module nine we’ll get into how to follow up with your leads correctly so that you recruit more people. You’ll discover:

  • What to say to your leads when you’re following up with them so that the conversation keeps moving forward to the next action.
  • How many times you should follow up with your leads for maximum conversions.
  • How to handle the leads that don’t show up for your appointments. Knowing this will save you a tremendous amount of time.
  • The follow-up method for the warm market that I use without sounding like the typical network marketer.
  • You get access to all of my cold market scripts, which will increase your confidence when talking with your leads.
  • You get access to all of my warm market scripts making it effortless when approaching them.
  • When following up with your leads, I’ll share with you what not to say when leaving a voice message.
  • The phrase you must use in order to get your phone calls returned. Using this will allow you to have more people calling you back.
  • You’ll also be able to listen in on our LIVE VOICE MESSAGE examples. Knowing the right and wrong way to leave your messages will increase your skills quickly!
  • How to use tonality when talking on the phone with your leads, so that you connect with them on a deeper level then most people.
  • The #1 WORD YOU MUST USE when leaving the last message to your leads that almost always gets your call returned right away.
  • What to do with the leads that DON’T CALL YOU BACK? You’ll love this one and it will allow you to keep your recruiting consistent.
  • How to develop the mindset to mastering the phone so that calling your leads becomes effortless and fun!
  • The real reason your leads are not calling you back and what you can do to change that right now.
  • The 3 steps to OVERCOMING procrastination and how you can finally break through and achieve your goals when working your leads.

Module #8

Advice from Top Network Marketing Pros

In module ten, you’ll get advice from some of the top pros in the network marketing industry.

  • Knowing the traits of successful network marketing leaders so you can apply them in your own network marketing business.
  • How to guarantee your prospects take your view you as a trusted adviser.
  • The importance of building relationships in this business and becoming a true network marketing professional.
  • The cycle of communication and how to use it and grow your network marketing business BIGGER than you ever thought possible.

You’ll get access to all 10 modules so you can start becoming a true network marketing professional when it comes to working your leads.The days of NOT recruiting people into your business are OVER! We’ll be with you every step of the way. No longer will you feel alone.The results you’ll see from taking massive action from my new “How To Work Leads” system will be amazing. Not to mention extremely profitable for you!Plus, we stand behind our training 100%!That’s why we offer an fantastic guarantee.

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee!

Your investment is protected by our 30-Day “Free Look” Policy. Here’s how it works: You have a full 30 days to preview “How To Work Leads Training Program.” If you decide during that time that “How To Work Leads” is not right for you, just let us know and you’ll be issued a full and prompt refund… no questions asked. It’s that simple!

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